Vrielink’s work explores the depths of personal identity and the unspoken dialogues between his subjects and their environments.

Nico Vrielink

Nico Vrielink

Delve into the world of Nico Vrielink, a masterful artist whose canvases speak volumes of his profound insight and unique perspective on the human condition. Born into the serene landscapes of the Netherlands, Vrielink has carved a niche for himself with his distinctive style and meticulous attention to emotive detail.

His artistry isn’t merely an occupation; it’s a spirited journey that captures the nuances of intimacy and solitude.

Through his work, one can embark on a reflective odyssey, exploring the realms of human emotions and the ethereal beauty of life captured through his eyes.

Nico Vrielink was born in 1958  in the village Reusel , very near the Belgium border . Son of a glassblower who always worked at home , in the old farm were the artist was born. 

At the age of 10 years , his father sent him to an art academy in Belgium , where he followed lessons , mainly in drawing for over 5 years during the time he had left from primary and secondary school . Although it became his passion, he finished the pedagogical academy and at the same time a second study to become a teacher in the arts . 

At the age of 22 years old he was teaching on an art academy in the Netherlands and 2 years later went on to become an artist in his own right . The first exhibitions went off like a rocket and soon was chosen as the best artist in Holland . 

Meanwhile he met in 1984 his first wife in Singapore with whom he had 2 sons , Léon and Jérôme .  He made countless paintings of her and within a few years he had exhibitions worldwide : USA, England , The Netherlands , Belgium , France , Germany , Russia , Austria , Spain , Luxemburg , Switzerland and also Singapore , Indonesia , Australia , Hong Kong , Japan , Thailand and several more.  All in all over 600 solo exhibitions. 

End 1980ties he bought himself a small castle in the south of France and from there the family went to the city of Montpellier and years later he bought Château de Burnand , a 15th century castle in Burgundy . He kept the castle for about 25 years but went to live on the island Bali , where he still lives with his second wife . 

Nowadays he spends his time between Bali and Belgium , where he has a second home . The paintings are made on the tropical island in Indonesia , the contacts are in Belgium ; clients , family , friends. 

Nico Vrielink has been seen in countless magazines all over the world and in many countries on tv , interviews , documentaries. Ten books have been published around his work . The total body of work is going direction 10.000 paintings and drawings and he is still going on….

Nico Vrielink offers a gateway into a world where every canvas is a mirror to the soul.

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